Klopp not focusing on City

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said that his team does not need to focus on Manchester City and rather concentrate on their own game. He said that Manchester City is having a great season and that they are winning games convincingly but this does not mean that they should be afraid.

The German manager said that he expects Manchester City to win every game but not the ones against them. He said that it is important that Liverpool focus on their own games and make sure that they win as many games as possible.

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Klopp satisfied with Liverpool’s work against Watford

Jurgen Klopp was pretty satisfied with his team’s work in the Premiership this weekend as they stream-rolled over Watford to further strengthen their position at no. 2 in the standings. The Reds are just a couple of points behind the table leaders Manchester City who have got 35 points in 13 matches.

According to Klopp, what stood out for him in his team’s performance against Watford was how clinical a performance that was. In the past, there have been many occasions where the Reds have started brilliantly, have a brilliant 30-40 minutes, take a lead and then get a bit complacent and let the guard down and allow the other team to make a comeback through a leveler or a couple of goals. That’s something which was very frustrating from a manager’s perspective.

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Liverpool Hope History Does Not Repeat As They Try To Improve The Rafa Benitez 2008/09 Page

Liverpool travels to North London unbeaten in the Premier League, as they did 10 years ago. Eight wins from the opening 10 games 26 points from 30. This is a very first start to a Premier League season and a test trip to North London on the horizon, unless we do not talk about Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool.

Rewind the same a decade ago today and Reds, who was defeated by Rafael Benitez, prepared themselves for a crucial clash against Tottenham Hotspur when they seemed to expand their unbeaten record. The similarities with the task against Liverpool on Saturday evening when they are in shape in Arsenal do not end there.

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Liverpool Wins Over Brighton

The 29th goal in 29 appearances by Mohamed Salah, at Anfield helped them achieve a 1-0 win against Brighton as the Reds were unsuccessful to reach the levels. Liverpool is on the top position of the league and also has a 100 percent record for not conceding a goal. However Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager says that the team has a lot more to do. Liverpool achieved 9 points post playing 3 games and there is nothing negative as per Klopp. They didn’t concede a goal and there is nothing so negative and moreover the team knows they have a lot more to do to get to the top.

The first half of the game was indeed good as the team had the right mindset and showed patience in the right time. They scored the goal and made the entire crew proud. As far as the 2nd half is concerned, Klopp feels that the team did not follow the same tactics and the players changed a bit which was definitely not the best idea. The team was unsuccessful in showing the same level of patience. However, the last 10 times were great as Liverpool passed through an area and there was no space in Brighton. This made Liverpool win the game and Klopp is quite happy and content with the final results. He said that the game was well played on the whole and they deserved the victory. It was indeed the best the team could get. Klopp expressed his happiness and now prepares his team for better performance in the upcoming tournaments.

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La Liga star Fernando Torres is set to exit Atletico Madrid at the end of the season. The 34-year old announced that he would leave his boyhood club this summer, amid earlier speculations that he was headed to China.

He made real impact in his youth for the La Liga club before going out to test the waters playing for Liverpool, Chelsea and briefly at AC Milan. He returned to the club on an initial loan deal in 2015 but the move was made a permanent one in 2016.

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Brendan Rodgers Reveals the Tough Nature of the Liverpool Job

Manager Brendan Rodgers has claimed that he was delighted to take a break after being sacked by Liverpool midway through 2015.

He was able to lead the club to within two points of the Premier league title only in the 2014 season. However, he was out of the job just 17 months later. Brendan Rodgers left Liverpool and then spent time off the game before returning with Celtic in the summer of 2016. Since his return, he has been able to reveal his stock within the game after managing to achieve some incredible success with Celtic.

The northern Irishman decided to take the break as it was too draining to be in charge of Liverpool. As one of the top clubs in England, there is a huge amount of attention on Liverpool and it appears to have been one of the primary reasons behind Rodgers drained by the job. At Celtic, Rodgers has had a much easier time after he won the title in relative comfort. The biggest challenge for the manager would be to go further in the Champions League than the group stages of the competition. Celtic are no longer considered as one of the top dogs in European football but Rodgers has done a stellar job to revive the club’s form in Europe. (more…)

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Southampton has ruled out any plans or interests of other clubs in purchasing any of their key players, and is affirming that none of their players would leave the club.

Liverpool and Chelsea were formerly interested in acquiring Virgil van Dijk but Southampton has ruled out his departure from the club and is confident that he would stay with them into the new season.

Executive director of the south coast club, Les Reed made this revelation recently especially concerning van Dijk who since the turn of the year, has been consistently linked with a move away from the club.

Earlier this month, van Dijk was in the centre of a controversial pursuit by Liverpool. He had met with the manager of the Anfield club side, Jürgen Klopp to hold discussions in lieu a prospective transfer.

This was done without any official approach to Southampton by Liverpool for the services of the player.

Southampton felt aggrieved and consequently took it up filing a complaint to the Premier League. Thus Liverpool was forced to apologize for “any misunderstanding” before withdrawing their interest from the player. (more…)

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Jurgen Klopp comments on Surface of game against the Saints

Jurgen Klopp reckons that the nature of the surface on which yesterday’s game against the Saints was played was not ideal for his team and it’s because of its dryness that his boys failed to make the impact that they could have.

Klopp, however, didn’t point his finger on anyone for that condition of the ground. He revealed that there was as much water put on the ground as required, but, all the moisture was taken away by the breeze blowing across and just a few minutes into the match, the surface turned absolutely dry.

Stressing on the importance of home matches, Klopp said that for any team to have a great season, they have to make sure that they don’t give away too many points to the opposition on their home turf and that was the case with Liverpool in the past. They were quite a force whenever they used to play at Anfield, but, of late, some of the matches have ended with undesirable results. (more…)

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Erstwhile Premier League bad boy, Joey Barton who made a surprise return to the league last week announced his second coming at Burnley with a match-winning goal that sparked pandemonium.

Being introduced into the game in the 73rd minute after both sides could not settle the fight. His first touch prevented Shane Long from opening the scoring for Southampton, an inconsequential second touch followed and then came a 25- yard free-kick with his third touch, this became the defining moment of game.

Burnley may sit 10th place yet their travails away from home allow for reservations over their continuity in the league to linger. This therefore stressed the significance of Joey Barton’s addition to a wage bill of around £40 million, as comparable as a snowball in the Alps in top flight terms. (more…)

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