Man City and Liverpool among the Favorites, Says Hamann

Dietmar Hamann declares that Man City and Liverpool are among the favorite teams that can win the Champions League this season. Dietmar suggested that the team that is reigning champions for Premier League can again set the standard for the current edition as well. He said Liverpool and Manchester City has the capability to win the Champions League for the year 2019-20. They are among the favorite teams for Hamann as well.

Dietmar played for Reds between the years of 1999 and 2006. He then shifted to City where he played for three years. He has a feeling that both Man City and Liverpool have the ability to run for the Champions League race from the front for lifting the trophy. He also said that he thinks the Premier League duo can set their standard high in the competition. Liverpool will be having their opening match for their latest campaign in Europe against Napoli.

Hamann believes though Bayern is the champion team from Germany and they have also got the winners’ medal in the Champions League in the year 2005, they still need to prepare themselves a lot. They have not yet reached the standard that is required to play in the last lap matches of the Champions League. Bayern is considered to be still in below ranking compared to the major clubs, according to Hamann. He highlighted that Bayern needs to have a midfielder for defensive play. He has played as a midfielder during his playing days and thinks that this position is very much important especially for tough matches.

The reds have already secured their sixth win for the European Cup in an epic win with 2-0 against Tottenham in the previous season after they send off Bayern Munich and Barcelona in the previous rounds. On the other hand, Manchester City suffered a huge shock when they exited from the quarter-final round.