Jurgen Klopp comments on Surface of game against the Saints

Jurgen Klopp reckons that the nature of the surface on which yesterday’s game against the Saints was played was not ideal for his team and it’s because of its dryness that his boys failed to make the impact that they could have.

Klopp, however, didn’t point his finger on anyone for that condition of the ground. He revealed that there was as much water put on the ground as required, but, all the moisture was taken away by the breeze blowing across and just a few minutes into the match, the surface turned absolutely dry.

Stressing on the importance of home matches, Klopp said that for any team to have a great season, they have to make sure that they don’t give away too many points to the opposition on their home turf and that was the case with Liverpool in the past. They were quite a force whenever they used to play at Anfield, but, of late, some of the matches have ended with undesirable results. (more…)

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Erstwhile Premier League bad boy, Joey Barton who made a surprise return to the league last week announced his second coming at Burnley with a match-winning goal that sparked pandemonium.

Being introduced into the game in the 73rd minute after both sides could not settle the fight. His first touch prevented Shane Long from opening the scoring for Southampton, an inconsequential second touch followed and then came a 25- yard free-kick with his third touch, this became the defining moment of game.

Burnley may sit 10th place yet their travails away from home allow for reservations over their continuity in the league to linger. This therefore stressed the significance of Joey Barton’s addition to a wage bill of around £40 million, as comparable as a snowball in the Alps in top flight terms. (more…)

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Adam Lallana continued his fine form this term as he contributed two goals as Liverpool thrashed Middlesbrough 3-0 on Wednesday.

The Reds star has all the right stats and is turning to be the perfect Premier League star this season. His goals and assists under manager Jurgen Klopp has seen him rise to the perfect forward for any fantasy Premier League team.

The midfielder is having a time of his life at Anfield. Strikers Diego Costa and Alexis Sanchez are the only players with more goals than Lallana now and only Manchester City playmaker Kevin De Bruyne has more assists than him this term. Lallana’s assist to Divock Origi is his sixth this campaign.

Of English players in the league this term, his six goals and six assists stats ensures he is the best performing Three Lions player. His stats in the visit to Middlesbrough is his third this season and no other player has done more than him this term – scoring a brace and getting an assist in the same game. (more…)

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