Jurgen Klopp comments on Surface of game against the Saints

Jurgen Klopp reckons that the nature of the surface on which yesterday’s game against the Saints was played was not ideal for his team and it’s because of its dryness that his boys failed to make the impact that they could have.

Klopp, however, didn’t point his finger on anyone for that condition of the ground. He revealed that there was as much water put on the ground as required, but, all the moisture was taken away by the breeze blowing across and just a few minutes into the match, the surface turned absolutely dry.

Stressing on the importance of home matches, Klopp said that for any team to have a great season, they have to make sure that they don’t give away too many points to the opposition on their home turf and that was the case with Liverpool in the past. They were quite a force whenever they used to play at Anfield, but, of late, some of the matches have ended with undesirable results.

However, Klopp does not think that the home matches are any kind of a burden for the Reds going forward because of the undesirable results. According to him, it’s not like there is any kind of pressure or anything on the players at home. Yes the results could and should have been better, but, whatever the results might be, playing with crowd support is always enjoyable and his boys are pretty pumped up about playing at home in the further weeks.

The previous three home matches for Liverpool have resulted in a draw, a loss and a draw respectively and the three away matches that they have played in between that, they have won all those matches. So, it’s a bit of a strange situation for them at the moment.