Tottenham Manager Warns Liverpool before the Clash

Mauricio Pochettini who is known to be the manager of Tottenham Hotspur said that his side has been able to overcome the collapse that they faced recently. Warnings have also been given by him to Liverpool before their big clash at Anfield.

Liverpool and Tottenham will be meeting for the first time since they confronted in the final match of the UEFA Champions League in Madrid held in the month of June. From then on, the team led by Jurgen Klopp has been able to pull themselves from their win for taking control of the early running of the Premier League. I have been admitted to Pochettino that the defeat affected heavily on the players of his team. He also said that the final that was held in the month of June was a huge mark because his players were drained out by their form for the miserable start early this season.


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