Rooney Pays Tribute To Buncrana Tragedy

For football fans Wayne Rooney needs no introduction. Known for his fame as a professional footballer, he has captained teams like England’s national team as well as Manchester United. Most of his playing career has been as a forward but he is also adept in midfield positions. At the age of nine Rooney had become part of the Everton team. He started to play professional football at the age of 16. Having spent two seasons in the Merseyside club, he then joined Manchester United in 2004. With Rooney the team won Premier League several times including the FIFA World Cup. He scored the 200th for the team in 2013. With his current score of 244 goals he has been the second top scorer of goals for the team in all times.

Being a celebrity figure in UK his tribute to the death of two children in the tragedy that hit Buncrana pier has made world news. Among the five people who lost their lives as a car plunged into the water were two young boys, Evan and Mark McGrotty, aged 8 and 12 respectively. The two boys were traveling with their dad along with the grand mother and her younger daughter. Rooney has three sons under six years of age. He tweeted to pay his respects to the young boys who were lost to the family.

On the professional front, the upcoming European Championship and its starting lineup is being decided and it is debated whether Wayne Rooney will get to make the start. It also indicates a difficult season that Rooney has endured at the Manchester United team. His injuries will prevent him from playing the friendly matches with Holland and Germany as part of England’s team. Due to his injuries it is debated whether he can have the right form in time for the championship. As he is taking time off the field, it might have an impact on his playing form, making the team members take a decision as to what would be right for the country team.

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